Legendary Lives

So it Begins...

From the chaos comes a new beginning

The day started with a light rain. Early travelers tiptoeing around puddles and strangers in the already crowded streets. Cannondor has added something almost tangible to the city. A feeling of excitement, anticipation, and joy as well as the sweet temptation of opportunity for those enterprising individuals among us.

Not everyone seemed to be sharing in the revelry though. A group of dark figures approached the city, slipping over the wall and into the oblivion of the ever growing crowd. As the city swelled and the last of the stragglers made their way in before the gates closed for the night, the festivities got underway. Food and drink available for all. Entertainers bringing song, dance, theater, and many other amusements for a price.

Some chased leads from the past, meeting agents and adversaries. Others danced on the blade of fate, stumbling through games of chance and certainty. And at least one licked his wounds and wondered why.

All in all, this is how most stories start. With each of us just being ourselves until the world says otherwise.


autopilotfailure autopilotfailure

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