Ruler of Goramir


Not a great deal is known about him. He has ruled Goramir, a small city outside the Kingdom, for as long as anyone can remember. The city itself is far removed from the Kingdom due to the Blackstone Mountains.

What is said about him is that rules with a fair but iron will. His lands have prospered in trade with the free cities to the south and east. He holds no treaties or alliances yet has not been challenged on his own lands. The forest to the south of his lands has a tragic story all its own and probably aids in the defense of the lands based on sheer superstition. How much of what happened there and what has been said to have happened there remain to be seen. What is know is that a powerful beast or elemental or demon occasionally makes its ways out of the forest to the south and leaves a terrible bloody path in its wake. That alone is enough to make most steer clear of the forest.


He is not a handsome man outright, but his demeanor and rugged looks are often enough to get him attention from those women he does entertain. Dark brown hair, kept cut relatively short and never a clean shave. He is about 5-11 and physically he appears quite fit. He has all the hallmarks of a warrior down to the scars. Where he acquired those scars remains to be seen as there really hasn’t been a conflict in the region in several decades and his lands are one of the few the free cities do even attempt to redraw borders through skirmishes.

His age is unknown.
His place of birth is unknown.
How he came to be the ruler, he does not refer to the position as king, is now unknown. With this said though, he has no challengers for leadership and only once has he had to quell a challenge with brute force. In that case he faced his challenger alone in armed combat in private. The man is now one of his advisers.

When he is seen is public, which is rarely these days, he wears armor and carries a Kingdom style longsword which has lead people to guess that he was originally from there.


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