Encountered along the road to Coras


Alston is a older man, thin with age but spry and keenly aware. He is traveling through the forest searching for something when the group meets him.

He travels with a wolf companion, his eyes and ears as he makes his way.

His origin is a bit of a mystery but he has been widely known as the local mage farmers and villages turn to in the area for the past few decades. He settled in these parts and just seems to be passing the time as he grows old by helping those around him if he can. Magic is more widely accepted now but a mage has to be careful what he does in these parts. If something terrible happens they are still going to be one of the first suspected reasons. Of course this isn’t helped by the fact that there have been several incidents over the last twenty or so years involving mages practicing wild or forbidden magics out in the country side as experiments. When these experiments go wrong, it’s always the local people in the area that suffer. Occasionally an experiment does go so far off the plan that when they source of the disturbance is found, the dead mage is as well.

Alston seems to skirt most of these assumptions though by only practicing what people around here refer to as elemental based magic. He can alter the weather slightly, bring rain. create fire in small bursts, things of this nature. He is practical if nothing else and the people in area, while still wary, appreciate him.



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