Legendary Lives

The night of change


In the end the few stood for the many. Screams flooded the night, as horrors of every description reigned over those present. The tide of loss from a night of senseless atrocities. The damage is done, to a degree. Whatever the goal of all this was, it is still unknown as are the ashen skinned perpetrators. A small band, brought together by circumstance and plight, saved countless lives by intervening when it mattered most. These few faced the odds, shared the pain of the eventide, and effectively brought the violence to an end.

Now, in the center of a quieted city a new turmoil is beginning. Many are wounded, many will not survive. Many have lost friends, loved ones, livelihoods. All have lost something. What was a prosperous city, bustling with activity is now pushed to the brink. Will it slip and crumble under the weight of loss, or forge ahead with renewed resolve? And what of those that had a shared vision of an army set upon the gates of Coras? If true, it seems a certainty that no help will be coming from the garrison in Delos. What all this means remains to be seen.


autopilotfailure autopilotfailure

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