Welcome to Legendary Lives: The Beginning.

This is a campaign set in custom world, based loosely on the Legendary Lives system and rules. It is an open, high-fantasy world where life can be harsh and unforgiving. You will start out as a person seeking to be something more than just another name that will fade into history. You, from whatever origins your character begins, will change the tide of time and effect the lands in ways that will live on long after you have left this world.

Whether you are a merchant traveling the roads and selling your wares, a soldier trying to make a living for your family, an assassin caught up on the way to your next mark, or one of thousands of other origin stories that are possible in the world, fate has brought about a moment that will change everything.

The starting setting is the Kingdom of Torilan. A huge expanse of land, ranging from mountains to swamps, to rolling hills and plains. It is comprised of several large city states that have been held together tentatively for the last 127 years following the invasion of the Azaelian Empire. The Kingdom was brought together out of necessity and has remained as one largely through political strife and struggle. Today, the cities from Lockmoor to Holden, Coras and Delos, and even the northern Vasage have benefited from the stability and open trade. Since the defeat of the mighty Empire the Kingdom has remained free of aggressors and able to grow and even thrive in many areas.

Magic has changed from the wild and dramatically uncertain practice it once was into a refined art. Schools are beginning to pop up in a few of the larger cities. Although magic is still distrusted by many it is finding a more common place in the lands. The days of Archmages and the tyranny associated with them are all but forgotten.

While there have been a reported increase in the sightings of larger beasts and other magical entities, greater beasts have become something of legend. Dragons and giants are still spoken of today but it is mostly a way to keep children from wondering too far as they haven’t been seen in ages. The world feels…safe. It took one day to change all that and bring the peaceful lives of those within the Kingdom borders to a grinding halt. This is where we shall begin.

Legendary Lives

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