Short statured and slight of build, dressed in unadorned and well-worn leather


An illusionist who prefers to let his mouth do the fighting.


Zebulon was given the name Thom Milner on the night that the kindly old farmer found him at the edge of the forest. When the Seelie Court fell the guardians of the Fae found themselves without purpose for the first time in memory and the sudden lack of direction left many of the Firbolg embittered and the infighting that arose from chaos all but wiped them from the world. In a desperate attempt to preserve the bloodlines a few young Firbolg were placed in the path of deserving and caring mortals to be raised as humans away from the bloodshed of the Fae realm. Zebulon was one such child, thus it was no surprise when he began to develop an aptitude for the arcane arts. Once his magic began to manifest he knew his destiny lay far beyond the squat wooden fences of his family’s farm, so he set of to find his cousin Zectarian in the capital city Coras. For the next 6 years he trained with his cousin and his syndicate of petty criminals known as the Hidden Hand. He was given a new name and a new life and was soon running complex cons and searching for prospective targets amongst the wealthier citizens. That was how he met Rosalynd. She watched from a moonlit garden as he descended a rooftop terrace that he had been using to spy on a noble named Bar’senn Hightower. As he fell the last 10 feet she giggled sweetly and went to help him up and as they locked eyes, he was smitten. As the weeks passed he returned to the terrace most nights to see her and she to see him and on a particularly clear and crisp night he proclaimed his love. It was only then that she revealed that she was betrothed to Bar’senn. Enraged, Zebulon went before the young lord Hightower and challenged him for the lady’s hand and after the court had a good laugh he was beaten by the guards thrown from the estate. Not one to accept defeat so easily, Zeb snuck into the estate a few nights later and stole an ancestral horn that had been passed down in the Hightower family for generations before disappearing back into the city. His mission now is to somehow obtain a title suitable enough for him to be worthy to challenge his rival for the hand of his love.


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