A young Sidhe with dark eyes and dimples for miles!


Gherim is a Druid dedicated to the wild woods of Dana – He is of average height, with skills in various magics as well as bow and sword – he if friendly but wary of the outside world, and tends to tread carefully. He does not shun the world outside his forest as most of his people do – but he does prefer the thick comfort of the wild wood.


Gherim is the youngest in a long line of warriors instrumental in rescuing Dana from Dagna, in return for their services Dana gifted his family with a golden flute, this flute has become Gherim’s prized possession which unfortunately has been stolen, although Gherim’s family is mainly warrior types, they were always encouraged to tread their own path. This encouragement lead to him joining the druids, where his love of nature and animals could be nurtured and allowed to bloom. Gherim often sat in the circle of the great oak playing the flute surrounded but the wild animals come to hear him play, and many the days he left the glade with the floor covered in newly grown wild flowers that would burst forth and sway to the haunting music. when he achieved his journeyman staff he was sent on a pilgrimage, but being young and afraid he refused to go, Dana was not pleased, and to encourage him to go she allowed his prized flute to be stolen by a rival cult leader. in an effort to find information on the leader, Gherim agreed to accompany his friend to town as protection. Once there he would ask around and see what he would find out. Unfortunately Gherim met with bad luck and was abducted by unknown brigands who left him for dead in the woods with his hands tied, and all his gear missing including his precious druid staff and his bow. while stumbling through the wood he happened on a group of travelers who have been kind enough to let him join them – at least until they reach a town where he can get help, and maybe they will help him find his belongings. they traveled to the next town to find it being besieged, by and army of unknown men. Now the group sits and discusses the best way to get inside the city as it is not only under attack but also has powerful wards barring their way .


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